Pastoral Care

As your pastor, I am called to minister to your spiritual needs at every stage of your life. It is my desire to be available to pray with you in any situation. However, because of the duties I have with three parishes, I am not always available immediately and sometimes rely on other people to help me minister to you. If I am not available to you right away, here are some people you may contact to help you in your time of need.
~ Fr. Greg Paffel ~











Emergency Requiring a Priest

In case of an emergency requiring a priest please contact the parish offices (320-352-2196). Or call our Emergency Priest Phone to reach a priest on call (320-429-5429).

Funeral Arrangements

Arranging the prayers of the Church for those who have died includes Vigil Prayers, Funeral Liturgies, and Rites of Committal at gravesides. All arrangements ought to be worked through a Funeral Home of your choosing. The Funeral Home will then contact us for dates and times for services. After meeting with the Funeral Home, then the family will meet with a parish secretary and a priest (if available), to discuss the readings, music, and ministries for the services. Please click “Funerals” for more details.

Pastoral Visits

If you or someone you love is in need of a priest for the Sacrament of Reconciliation or the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, a priest is able to make visits to the homebound, hospitalized, or imprisoned. To make an appointment please call the parish offices (320-352-2196).

Spiritual Direction

Fr. Greg is occasionally available for spiritual direction. He limits this ministry to clergy, to those discerning a vocation, to some who work in ministry, and to parishioners with specific needs. You may request an appointment by calling the parish offices (320-352-2196).


Though our priests are not certified counselors, they have a lot of wisdom in dealing with relationships, addictions, and other painful issues. If you speak with them they may be of help or they may be able to refer those in need to more qualified professionals. Either way, our priests welcome your call for an appointment at the parish offices (320-352-2196).

Jesus Heals

Many people have pain, anger, resentment, unforgiveness, and other negative stuff buried in the depths of their hearts. With support from Bishop Donald Kettler, Fr. Greg has trained a number of lay people from around the diocese to pray with individuals for inner healing. Jesus Heals members help people tap into the healing grace given to them at Baptism. Always working in pairs, they listen to, pray for, and lead individuals in the name of Jesus Christ to new-found freedom. For more information, you may contact one of our confidential members at

Blessing of Objects

We priests are happy to bless your rosaries, medals, holy cards, and countless other objects of devotion. Catch us after Mass, drop them off at the office to be picked up at a later time, or stop us anyplace there is holy water for free blessings.

Home Blessings

Homes are special places for our families. Whether they are bustling with daily activity or we just get occasional visits, it is good to have our homes blessed. It is a way of asking God’s loving kindness to be upon us and all who visit us. To line up a home blessing please call the parish offices (320-352-2196).

Social Calls

Priests are people too. They like to build friendships with their parishioners. Though they are tremendously over scheduled, it never hurts to invite them over just for the fun of it. Once in awhile they might even say yes.

Getting Married

If you recently got engaged, congratulations! Fr. Paffel is willing to walk with you as you prepare for the vocation of married life. He would like for you to contact him at least 6 months in advance to explain the steps to make your marriage the best possible, and to set a date for the ceremony in one of our parishes.

Please call the office at 320-352-2196 for an appointment.


To find out more about this Sacrament, go to our website page {Matrimony}.

Ministries of Visitation


As a support to the pastor and the deacons, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist carry the Holy Eucharist to patients in the hospital, to shut-ins at home, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Please contact Merina Odegard at 320-351-6019


Please have family members contact Fr. Paffel to let him know your loved one is entering the nursing home, has become gravely ill during their stay, or has passed away, so he will know what their needs are.

Currently, there will be only Communion Services but not Mass at the Nursing Home and Assisted Living locations until further notice. Please check the bulletin for times and locations.


Please contact Fr. Paffel as soon as possible when you or a loved one has gone to the hospital. Because of privacy laws, he won’t know if you are in the hospital unless you contact him. Hospitals now require you to put Father’s name on a list of approved visitors in order for him to minister to the patient, whether visiting, bringing Communion, or administering the last rites of the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. Call or email your parish office at the information listed below. There are many hospitals in the area; please let Father know in which hospital you are staying.

Referral of Other Priests for Help

If Fr. Paffel is not available and you are in need of a priest, you are welcome to contact these other priests in the area:

Fr. Glenn Krystosek in Paynesville at 320-243-4413
Fr. Joseph Vandenberg in Glenwood at 320-634-3813
Fr. Peter Kirchner in Elrosa at 320-254-8218

Anointing of the Sick


Please call your parish office to make an appointment.

When Father comes to your home or hospital room, he will bring oils that were blessed by the bishop at the Chrism Mass. He will bless you on the forehead and, if possible, on the palms of your hands. After each blessing, you will respond “Amen”. If you desire, he will also hear your confession.


To find out more about this Sacrament, go to our page {Anointing of the Sick}.


Funeral Mass and burial is to be arranged in person with the Pastor and the Undertaker. Each registered parish member is entitled to a proper burial.


St. Alexius (West Union) • 320-352-2563
Our Lady of the Angels (Sauk Centre) • 320-352-3502
St. Paul’s (Sauk Centre) • 320-352-2196

General fees for a funeral include the cost of the burial plot, the organist, janitors for preparation and cleanup. Additional fees will be incurred by non-parishioners who wish to be buried here with a funeral Mass and luncheon. Please call the particular parish office for more information.

Envelopes that are left with the Funeral Home with indications on them that they are to be used for Mass Intentions are given, by the Funeral Director, to the parish Priest. Father will then schedule Masses or send the envelopes to other parishes, according to the family wishes. (This is a policy of the St. Cloud Diocese). A copy of the policy is given to the families when the envelopes are returned to them.

Go to our Funeral Ministry webpage for more information on dinners and ushers.

Items left at the Cemetery by family members are at your own risk to take care of and tend to.


Stipends are $10.00 per Mass. Please call the parish offices or drop a note in the collection basket stating your name, the date you want, and who or what the Mass intention is for. We will do our best to fit it in on that date or the next closest opening. Please consider calling in your request 3 months in advance, as it fills quickly.