Pro Life

Our faith communities are very involved in pro-life. We believe all life is sacred from conception to natural death and support the Catholic Church’s stand on this. Within Sauk Centre, we do everything we can to support this stand.


This group attends the Pro-Life rally on January 21st each year at the State Capitol in St. Paul, recognizes Mother’s and Father’s day in our parishes, supports a local garage sale to raise money for pro-life causes.

Contact: Mary Reuter, 320-352-2671


A TLC Pregnancy Resource Center

Confidential care and compassionate staff serve those struggling with an unexpected pregnancy. The life center is open Monday–Friday from 1–5pm. Some of the services available are:
• Pregnancy testing
• Pre-natal care
• Ultra-sounds
• Medically accurate information on contraceptives and abortion
• Referrals for medical care, housing, financial aid, adoption, and more
• Parenting classes
• Material assistance (diapers, wipes, car seat, etc.)

Options for Women website.